Thursday, April 24, 2014

5 ways James has shown his music potential

James comes from a music-loving family, so naturally he gets sung to all of the time, listens to all genres, gets plenty of dancing/bouncing/patting/clapping to the rhythm, and is allowed to bang on the synthesizer as much as he wants.  Our friends also recently suggested Kindermusik, which we now go to and love!

I’ve been on the lookout for signs of music and music-loving potential, and here are a few that I have found so far:

1. This one is the most drawn-out, but by far, my favorite.  When James was only a couple of months old, my littlest sister came over to visit. She was introduced to the sleep sack or wearable blanket that is recommended for newborns while we got James ready for bed, and she found it hilarious and awesome. 

      She dubbed it a “sleeping dress “and then immediately made a song for it using a Beyonce song that will go unnamed. (Please don't judge.) It went like this..Bey fans, join in: “Oh oh oh—get your sleepin' dress on--oh oh oh--get your sleep-in’ dress on--oh oh oh—every baby’s got one” (repeated a bunch of times). This little ditty became a part of the nighttime routine.

A couple of months later (James now 4 months old), we were getting him ready for bed, and of course, singing the sleep sack song. A minute later, James SANG the "oh oh oh" sequence…THREE different times.  It was in a different key, but the same sequence! We had four witnesses since my sister was visiting with a friend, and we all lost our minds.  We’re still waiting for the encore performance.

2. Whenever “Do Re Mi” from The Sound of Music comes on whatever kid Pandora station we have for him, he gets very quiet and focused during the part where Maria and the von Trapp children sing completely in solfege (The "do, re, mi" language we use when we assign syllables to music notes!). We can see the musical/mathematical wheels turning already. J

3. The biggest belly laugh we’ve gotten so far has come from listening to the harmonica, and we got a request for “more” with both signing and babbling.

4. He loves church because of the chanting/singing. When he feels it’s not enough, he does it himself.

5.  He cries when he hears the Madagascar version of “I Like to Move It.” Discerning taste starts early.

Love seeing the new discoveries that each day brings.

Ta da!

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