Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thanks for being great, summer!

Always sad to see the summer go!  We wanted to share a few of our highlights.

Starting to “sing” was a recent summer highlight. Here is James’ contribution to  “If All the Raindrops.”

His other favorite is the VeggieTales version of “Walk Like an Egyptian.” (Bob and Larry have an 80’s album--you should probably check it out).  He joins in on the “oh weh ohs.”

James developed some pretty sweet dance moves this summer (see the raindrops video above for a sampling).  They really picked up after the day he came with me to music class at Vacation Bible School.  He loved watching the kids dance, and now he can’t stop. 

He also took it up a notch at the beach with his Gpa’s daily sing-alongs, which were a highlight in and of themselves! Gpa wrote a song for each of the grandkids as well as a song for a new Greek word each day.  The favorite was "Papia" (duck).  We're expecting to hear it on the radio sometime soon.

As long as the temperature wasn’t too cold, pool time was super fun! We loved sitting in the water, splashing, and sharing all of our thoughts on life- there were many.  Being carried into the deeper, colder part was a little scarier, but after some coaxing, it was pretty fun, too.

This summer James ate avocados like he would never see them again--enough that it would make the summer highlights list.  When we gave him pieces of avocado, he tossed the rest of the meal off of his tray, as nothing else compared. One night, he had a small tantrum, because he saw me put a spoonful of avocado on my plate instead of his.  Since he still gets a little frustrated with utensils, he just happily gobbles and smears them everywhere like a little green avocado monster. It is strange and funny and appreciated.

Lots of signing.…and lots of swinging…and sometimes signing while swinging. We learned “go” this way. 

Also sleeping while swinging.

Seeing cousins and friends in Maryland/Virginia and Pennsylvania was always the best and cause for immediate hyperactivity. Here’s his first time at the kid table on his own with his Pennsylvania cousins—much better than with those boring adults.

We loved visiting farms this summer! We went strawberry picking, and there were so many funny animals to see. And when visiting our friends’ farm, we had our first quad ride.

Road trips, eating sand, dolphins, museums, parks, baseball games, driving with the windows down (and little hands up in the air catching the breeze)...oh, summer, how we’ll miss you! But bring on the pumpkins!