Thursday, February 12, 2015

Our Funny Valentine

Kids are quirky, and our almost two year old is no exception.  He makes us belly laugh every day.

I’ve heard that naps are wasted on the young, but not on James. This kid loves his sleep.  Whenever he sees his blanket or puppy that goes to sleep with him, he blows it a kiss and then promptly pops his thumb in his mouth.  Sometimes after a nap, it takes him a few minutes to be willing to part with his blanket.  When we ask if he wants to come with us and play, we get a “no” and a dive toward his precious snuggle things.  If he was able to climb right now, I’m pretty sure he would climb into his crib rather than out.

Throwback to a year ago when he was enjoying his nap in a super comfy position

In the morning when he wakes up, we’re often greeted first with his hearty “ho ho ho” laugh, and then “bye.”  At first, we thought he was kicking us out to get some more sleep, but we’ve learned that “bye” is currently both a farewell and a greeting--like "yassou" or "aloha." :)

After the “bye” we get a fist pump and “ts,” which means “dance” or “song” in James’ language. We’ll hear this request all day long, and he loves to begin his day with it. Favorite songs these days include anything by Laurie Berkner or Larry the Cucumber, “Wheels on the Bus,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” “Shake it Off” by T Swift, Pharrell’s “Happy,” and specifically the Ludacris part in Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” When he knows Luda’s coming, it completely overwhelms his little self with joy.

Other things that bring James joy—finding the “moon” in his books. He always points it out (“oo!”), and likes to make sure you are aware as well by guiding your finger to it with his little hand.  He also enjoys hugging stuffed animals and feeding them cookies, telling monkeys to stop jumping on the bed, saying A-“men” repeatedly in church, tomatoes (so many tomatoes), Elmo, throwing blocks, dance parties, and vacuum cleaners. 

Meeting Elmo with one of his best buds
Sharing a snack

Speaking of vacuums, I made the mistake last night of forgetting to put ours away when it was right next to his time out spot.  The entire minute, he just stared at it and told it to “go,” completely distracting him from his wrongdoing.

More and more word approximations are emerging, but our signs are still going strong, and he’s started making them up! His two latest are crossing his arms for “pretzels” and holding up his hand like he’s carrying a pizza for “pizza,” accompanied by a “za!”  I don’t know that he’s actually seen or paid attention to a non-stick form of pretzel or someone carrying a pizza on the shoulder, but they both make perfect sense. We now have requests for pretzels during breakfast (and tomatoes…always tomatoes).

Happy Valentine’s Day, James.  Love you more than words can describe.