Monday, April 13, 2015

Moving right along

James took his first crawling steps on all fours mid-January, and we were absolutely thrilled.  We piled his favorite toys on top of benches and other things just out of reach, so he was motivated to stay on his hands and knees instead of going to his favorite, army crawling. However, we knew he was bound to come up with something more creative than just traditional crawling.

Which brings us to the half crawl, half side scoot!

Though less efficient than army crawling, this turned into James’ preferred method of getting around.  We figured it was because he always liked to get into a sitting position on his left side, and the side scoot allowed him to do that immediately.

It drove us all a little nuts, especially me (and James), since I was mostly just chasing him around on all fours, cramping his style, blocking him from sitting on the left side. One time, he stopped in his tracks to turn around and sign “stop” to me.  Sorry, buddy, not this time…but way to use that sign appropriately!

His PT also recommended using a hand towel to sort of scoop under his chest and lift him up, keeping him on all fours. He didn’t mind this so much at first, since it seemed a little less invasive than someone’s hands on his hips. But when the towel lost its magic, we had to entice him with a favorite toy across the room, and when he went for it, quickly wrap the towel underneath him. It didn’t take him too long to begin to avoid the trap, but the strategy definitely did help when we didn't overuse it!

Every time we were with him on all fours, we also just guided his body to get into sitting on his right side to sort of even out the crawling.  Throughout this process, we reminded ourselves that the primary goal of his physical therapy is not necessarily to accelerate his movement, but to make sure he’s not developing compensations in order to help his overall gross motor movement for the long haul.'re calling my side scoot a compensation?? YOU try it!

We slowly started to see more all fours and less scoot-crawling, and now, he’s starting to go distances on hands and knees without any prompting!  He has a sibling coming in August, and with my expanding mid-section, I have to say that I am thankful for less all fours chasing these days. It’s also so gratifying to see him motivated to go, go go on his own.

We continue to work on his climbing (hooray for stairs and obstacle courses!), standing, squatting, and pulling to stand, all often involving goldfish crackers, bubbles, or kid music videos.  And since he’s been crawling more traditionally, he’s starting to pull to stand from the floor on his own! We were thrilled this week when he crawled from his room to the bathtub, pulled up on the bathtub, and was trying to figure out how to climb in. 

His hard work is paying off. Maybe it’s finally time to baby proof. J

As a good friend told him, go get into trouble, James. You’ve earned it!